How to Check iPad Battery Health

Before it’s too late, learn how you can check iPad battery health on your Windows or Mac.

check ipad battery health windows mac

Another day, another amazing tutorial for every iPhone, iPad and Mac user. Today, we have a new guide for you on checking battery health. At the very first, I would like to share WHY YOU SHOULD CHECK iPhone, iPad or Mac battery health. In the second, we will talk about 3 quick ways to check the battery health of your device.

So, back in time, Apple was fined for downgrading iPhone battery health with the update. But, according to Apple it depends on the user how they charge their device. In the result of that issue, Apple added a feature to check battery health on iPhone. Still it’s not available for iPad users. Here we are going to talk about WHY YOU SHOULD CHECK the battery health of your device.

Every device performance depends on the iOS version, RAM usage and the response time which is also dependent on power. If the battery heath is downgraded then you will feel slow device response. This also may result in the device hang or lagging. Also, you should check battery health if you are charging the device overnight. Hardware issues are also possible due to lithium battery. So, that’s why you should check the battery health of your device.


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If you are one who wants to know about how to check battery health on iPad and Mac then you are the right place. I have covered the second part in highlighted way, so you can skip the above parahraphs if you don’t want to know the reason.

Top 3 Ways to Check Battery Health on iPad

Unfortunately, there’s no such a way to check iPad battery health like you can do on your iPhone. But, still we have three different Apps which you can run on Windows or Mac to do this.

1- 3uTools

At the very first, we have 3uTools for Windows users. It’s one of the easiest applications for every user to manage data on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Using this single application, you can check the device Verification report, Battery health, Battery Cycles and much more. Also, you can try FLASH & JAILBREAK using this tool. The big reason to give this tool a try is that, it’s FREE for every Windows user. Unfortunately, this app is not available for the Mac user.

ipad battery condition

To check the Battery information of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch just connect your device using cable and click on the details button available next to BATTERY LIFE as showing on your screen.

Here you will see a pop-up on the screen showing battery health, battery cycles, battery production date, Charge times and much more.

Please note that, all the results are approximately correct not 100% correct. So, it’s just a calculation by the tool as a rough idea.

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At the second, we have the Coconut application available for Mac users only. This application is available in FREE edition and Paid edition. Using the free version, you can still check the battery health, temperature, and much more like production date.

All the details you see on this application are not 100% correct. So, just take the results from this application as the approximate idea.

If you see battery health less than 80% then you should consider a service from Apple store or any other authorized reseller for battery replacement. Also, if you think iPad is heating you can check the battery temperature.

One other advantage of this application, itself it will show you details of your Mac battery health and other related information.

3- iMazing

The one application which is available for Windows and Mac is also available in two different versions. One is paid and other one is actually which suits you and it’s free. Just download this application on your Mac or Windows.

ipad battery health is good

Connect your device, hit the battery icon you see on the application first screen. There is no need to take a deep look into battery details because it will show you message which depends on the battery heath. If your device battery health is good it will show you ‘Your Device Battery Health is Good’.

The other technical information regarding battery. I prefer iMazing after CoconutBattery application which is available for Mac. However, you can prefer this application over 3uTools if you are using Windows.

That’s all for today. I hope you find this article helpful. If you have something in mind as a suggestion related to ‘How to Check Battery Health on iPad’ let us know in the comments below. We will love to see your interest in our content.

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