How to Change Logon and Logoff Sounds in Windows 8

Windows 7 and XP have options to change Logon and Logoff sounds in Control Panel but in Windows 8 those options are hidden. To enable Change Logon and Logoff sounds in Windows 8 here is a guide which let you allow to do that with a registry hack, so continue reading after the break to [...]

How to Turn Android Phone into a Wireless Speaker

The guide below will teach you that how you can turn your Android phone into a wireless speaker for your PC or external television screen by using a free application SoundWire which works for Windows, Linux and Android. So, continue reading if you wish to use your Android phone as a speaker for your computer. [...]

How to Make Google Maps the Default iOS Map App

Although, Google has released standalone Google Maps for iOS but still when user try to access some navigational features and click on a URL, the stock Apple Maps opens up. So, here is a Cydia tweak which resolves this issue and make Google Maps default iOS Map. Developer HASHBANG Productions has released a Cydia tweak “MapsOpener”, which [...]

How to Carrier Unlock Galaxy Note II N7100 / N7105 for Free

XDA developers team member owl74 has find a method to unlock Galaxy Note II model N7100 and N7105. So, if you want to unlock your Android Galaxy Note II then go ahead with the guide below. Warning: Continue with process to unlock Galaxy Note 2 N7100 / N7105 at your own risk. Note: This guide [...]

How to Enable Numeric Signal Strength on iPhone

If you wish to see numeric signal strength on your iPhone instead of bars then through guide below you will learn that what you have to do to get that on your iPhone. Enable Numeric Signal Strength on iPhone Step-1 Dial *3001#12345#* on your iPhone through keypad and tap on “Call” button Immediately “Field Test” app [...]

How to Force App Updates on Windows 8 and RT

The guide below will let you people help to force for app updates notifications on Windows Store live tile for the applications which are installed on your Windows 8 or Windows RT devices, because Store live tile does not show any notifications of app updates without setting it up. Force App Updates on Windows 8 [...]

How to Shoot Vertical Panorama Photos on iPhone

Apple has included Panorama Photos capability in iOS 6 firmware, which is quite an appreciated feature that let you allow to take wide range of landscape photos with your iPhone’s camera. Normally, users shoot horizontal panorama photos with iPhone but here is a quick tip to take vertical panorama photos which will be more clear [...]

How to Replace Siri with Google Voice Search using NowNow [Cydia Tweak]

Last month Google has updated Google Search for iOS with Voice Search feature, which performs more better than Siri. So, here comes jailbreak community with NowNow, a free Cydia tweak which brings Google’s virtual voice assistant access on iOS just like Siri. Replace Siri with Google Voice Search in iOS Step-1 Visit BigBoss repository through [...]

How to Kill All Running Apps in iOS with a Swipe [Cydia Tweak]

SwipeAway is a free and very simple Cydia tweak that let you allow to kill all running apps on your iDevice just through a swipe up/down from iOS App Switcher. You just have to download and install SwipeAway by visiting “ModMyi” repo on Cydia, and then go to the “Settings” from Springboard of your iDevice [...]

How to Hide Newsstand on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch without Jailbreak

Newsstand is a folder included in iOS 5, resides on Springboard, which is used for Newspaper and magazine subscriptions. Some of iOS users have complained that Apple does not allow to hide Newsstand from Springboard, as they do not want it to show. Now, here is a tweak that let you allow to hide Newsstand and [...]

How to Disable New Ad Tracking Technology on iPhone 5 and iOS 6

Apple has embedded a new ad tracking system in iPhone 5, and iOS 6, which is enabled by default and allows advertisers to access your information from your iPhone. So, guide below let you instruct if you want to disable tracking configuration on your iPhone 5 or iOS 6 device. Disable New Ad Tracking on [...]

How to Delete Saved Wi-Fi Networks on BlackBerry

If you have many Wi-Fi networks saved on your BlackBerry mobile device then here is a guide that let you instruct to clean up all extra Wi-Fi networks from your device, so just continue reading after the break. Delete Wi-Fi Networks on Blackberry Step-1 Go to “Options” > “Networks and Connections” option Step-2 Select “Wi-Fi [...]

How to Get Google Maps on iOS 6

Apple has introduced its own Maps app in iOS 6, which is faster than Google Maps which was integrated to previous versions of iOS, but not supported by latest iOS 6. Now users of iOS 6 and iPhone 5 can not use Google Maps, until Google releases Google Maps update for iOS 6 or a [...]

How to Save Maps for Offline Use in Google Maps for Android

The latest version of Google Maps for Android let you allow to save your desired Google Maps locations on your Android device, which is quite a handy feature especially in a situation while you do not have access to internet. Now, through guide below you will learn the process to save Google Maps locations for [...]

How to Assign Ringtone to a Contact on Android

If you want to assign different ringtones to some specific contacts on your Android phone then the option to do that is integrated into Android OS. Follow the given steps to apply ringtone to a contact on Android. Note: This guide is written for Android 4.0.4 but it also works well on Android 4.1. Assign [...]

How to Change the Save File Interval in Windows 8

File History feature in Windows 8 creates backup of a file with the default interval of every hour, and it consumes a lot of space on hard drive, so, it can create problem for folks with low memory space on their system but no need to worry because Windows 8 gives option to adjust save [...]

How to Reset Nexus 7 Tablet to Factory Settings

If you have some problems with your Nexus 7 then it would be a good choice to do a factory reset. Through guide below you learn the simple process to reset Nexus 7 to factory settings, but before proceeding its recommended to backup because  reset to factory settings will wipe out all of the data from your [...]

How to Root Kindle Fire Using Mac OS X or Linux

Guide below will provide you people instructions to root Kindle Fire, if you are on Mac or Windows system just in few simple steps. So, continue reading after the break if you are interested in to having certain applications on your Kindle Fire which is only possible after rooting the device. Root Kindle Fire Using [...]

How to Disable Keyboard Auto Correction on PlayBook OS 2.0

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 includes feature of keyboard auto-correct which becomes enable when you upgrade your PlayBook tablet to latest PlayBook OS. For some people it is quite irritating when keyboard auto-correct works on while they type, so through guide below you can learn how to disable keyboard auto-correct on PlayBook. How to Disable Keyboard [...]

How to Setting up Print To Go on PlayBook OS 2.0

One of the new features integrated to newly released PlayBook OS 2.0 is Print To Go, which is an application allows to send a digital print of a document directly from your PC to your PlayBook tablet. Print To Go works with all formats of documents as it converts a document into PDF format before [...]

How to Delete An Account from BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0

Before we write instructions about to setup accounts on PlayBook and now the guide below will tell you how can you delete an account from BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0, so continue reading after the break. Delete Accounts from BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Step-1 Tap on gear “Settings” icon in right upper corner of home screen [...]

How to Share your Printer over the Internet

Sharing of printer through internet is quite a complicated task but Google makes it easy with its Cloud Print technology, which allows users to print directly inside from the Chrome browser. So, head to the guide after the break to know the complete process to setup Cloud Print to share printer over Internet. Share Printer [...]

How to Update BlackBerry PlayBook OS to 2.0

Finally, Research In Motion (RIM) has released BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 for its first PlayBook tablet. PlayBook OS 2.0 is a major update integrated with ton of enhancements, and new features. Through guide below you can know the process to update your BlackBerry tablet to PlayBook OS 2.0. Update BlackBerry PlayBook OS to 2.0 Method-1 [...]

How to Disable Automatic Spelling Correction on Kindle Fire

If you want to disable automatic spelling correction on Amazon Kindle Fire then guide below will help you to do that, as the feature is enabled by default on the device. Disable Automatic Spelling Correction on Kindle Fire Step-1 On your Kindle Fire’s home screen, tap on “Settings” icon, which resides in right upper corner [...]

How to Install Custom Animated Boot Logos on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Do you want to have animated boot logo on your jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, then you must check out ih8sn0w’s Animate fix tool, which allows users to install custom animated or static boot logo to iOS devices. So, just follow the steps written below to do so. Install Custom Animated Boot Logos on iPhone, [...]