How to Prevent Uninstalling Apps on iPhone and iPad

Its a better approach to disable deleting apps on iPhone, if your iDevice is in use of others as well. Suppose children at home play games on your iPhone then they may delete your apps accidently, so the guide below will help you to do some prevention measures from uninstalling apps on iPhone without the [...]

How to Write Urdu Language on Mac OS X

If you wish to write Urdu language on your Mac running over any previous version like OS X 10.7 then the guide written below will help you in a way that first you have to install Urdu keyboard layout on Mac and then activate it by following the guide below. Mac systems over Mac OS X 10.7+ [...]

Fix Missing Virtual Keyboard Issue on iPhone and iPad

If you have the periodic problem while virtual keyboard does not appear on your iPhone or iPad while you need to have it for typing in an application then you must check out guide below to fix onscreen keyboard missing issue on iDevices. There could be some situations when onscreen keyboard on iPad/iPhone is disappeared, [...]

How to Block a Number on iPhone 5

Apple does not include any feature that let you allow to block an unwanted number on iPhone 5 from calling you. But still there are some methods, which can help you to stop specific contacts on iPhone from texting and calling, so go ahead to check out the ways to block contacts on iPhone. Note: [...]

How to Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts on iPhone/iPad

If you are tired of typing common phrases on your iPhone virtual keyboard all the time like your email address, name, job etc then its good to create custom keyboard shortcuts on iPhone for swift typing. The guide below help you to create custom keyboard shortcuts on iPhone and iPad. Create Keyboard Shortcuts on iPhone [...]

How to Enable and Use On-Screen Keyboard in Mac

The guide below help you to know the way to activate on-screen keyboard in Mac OS X. The on-Screen keyboard can be used with a mouse or any other pointing device, and its the best way to enter information if there is any condition that makes you unable to use keyboard on Mac. Setup the [...]

Dismiss The Keyboard with ReturnDismiss [Cydia Tweak]

ReturnDismiss is a free Cydia tweak for jailbroken iOS devices that allows users to dismiss the Keyboard just by pressing the return key on device. Some times its quite annoying for users when keyboard popup automatically with application on iOS devices, so in that case ReturnDismiss help to take a quick action to make it [...]

Plants vs. Zombies 2 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

The much anticipated iOS game Plants vs. Zombies 2 for iPhone and iPad is released by PopCap and available free for download via App Store. Features NEW PLANTS! NEW ZOMBIES! Meet Bonk Choy, Bloomerang and Lighting Reed: Just a few of the powerful new plants that will defend your lawn through time. Go toe-to-missing-toe with [...]

Yahoo! Weather App for Android

Back in April Yahoo released Yahoo! Weather app for Apple iOS devices and now company launched Yahoo! Weather for Android devices via Google Play Store as a free download. Features: Highly acclaimed design with beautiful photos that match your location, time of day, and current weather condition Detailed weather information, including 10-day and 24-hour temperature [...]

iTunes 11.1 Beta 2 Released to Developers

Alongside iTunes 11.0.5 release to public Apple also seeded iTunes 11.1 beta 2 to registered developers, which is available for download via Dev Center. Recently released iOS 7 beta 6, and iTunes 11.0.5 includes fixes for an with iTunes in the Cloud, so its possible that iTunes 11.1 beta 2 also includes this fix. The [...]

iTunes 11.0.5 for Windows and Mac

Apple has released iTunes 11.0.5 for Windows and Mac that includes fixes for an issue with iTunes in the Cloud, where some purchases may download or play unexpected items. You can download iTunes 11.0.5 via Software Update or through direct links below. iTunes 11.0.5 is also available for 64-bit Windows. Download iTunes 11.0.6 for Windows [...]

iOS 7 Beta 6 for Developers

A week ago Apple released iOS 7 beta 5 for developers and now iOS 7 beta 6 is available via Dev Center for registered developers. Users with iDevices over iOS 7 beta can grab latest beta via over-the-air (OTA) update or through links integrated below. To get iOS 7 beta 6 OTA navigate through “Settings” [...]

How to Find Lost Apple Devices

Incase you lost your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Mac then guide below will help you to find your missing Apple device through iCloud service, if you have setup Find My iPhone on your iOS device or Mac. So, continue after the break to know how to find missing device on Map. Note: Your device [...]

How to Set up Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is an application that let you allow to locate your lost device including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac. Find My iPhone works in collaboration of Apple’s iCloud service, so its better to setup Find My iPhone on your Apple device by following guide provided below. Note: Find My iPhone is compatible [...]

The “Other” Facebook Inbox

You have noticed that Facebook notifies for the messages from your Facebook friends in Inbox, but there is also a separate Inbox for messages from people who are not your Facebook friends but still can send you messages. In following you can find that how to access hidden Inbox in Facebook. Facebook Other Messages Inbox [...]

How to Change Boot Order on Mac

If you have more than one bootable volumes connected to your Mac then check out the steps below to change the boot order on the fly on your Mac machine by following steps below. Change Boot Order on Mac Step-1 Click on Apple menu and then click “System Preferences…” Step-2 Click on “Startup Disk” under [...]

Skype for iPad Updated with HD Video Calls Support

Skype v4.10 for iPad is released with call quality improvements and includes support for HD video calls for iPad 4. Latest Skype for iPad also released with fixes and improvements listed below. Skype for iPad Updates Make HD quality video calls from your iPad 4. General improvements to call quality and stability. A redesigned country [...]

Facebook 6.4 for iOS includes Restaurant Reservations

Facebook rolled out Facebook v6.4 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with performance enhancements and new features especially the restaurant reservations feature for US users for the restaurants having Facebook page. New Features Search for hashtags or tap them in posts to see what other people are saying about a topic Make restaurant reservations directly [...]

Reset Samsung Galaxy S4 to Factory Settings

If you want to take back your Samsung Galaxy S4 Android smartphone to factory settings because of any reason like you have forgotten security code of your device or its freezing then the guide below will help you to get rid of this situation easily. Note: The process of reset Galaxy S4 to factory settings will wipe [...]

iOS 7 Beta 5 for Developers

Apple released iOS 7 beta 5 for registered developers as an OTA or through Dev Center that is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. In following you may check out the list of newness of features of iOS 7 beta 5. iOS 7 Beta 5 New Features Redesigned icons in Settings app New Yahoo! [...]

Enable Talking Calculator in Mac OS X

Everyone knows about the Mac OS X text-to-speech abilities which are awesome, so the Calculator app in Mac is also bundled with feature of auditory response which is quite helpful while user is doing calculations with a lot of numbers. In steps below you learn how can you enable talking calculator in Mac. Speech Enabled [...]

UnthreadedJB iOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone 4 CDMA

A new group of hackers “UnthreadedJB” has released a tool with the name UnthreadedJB that brings solution of untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4 CDMA model which is running over iOS 5.1. Although UnthreadedJB is the first untethered jailbreak tool for iOS 5.1 but it only works for iPhone 4 CDMA, whereas previously released jailbreak tools [...]

Stop Auto Formatting of Numbers into Date in Microsoft Excel

Whenever you eneter numbers separated by a hyphen in Microsoft Excel, it automatically converts that data into date format. Suppose you type “2-2” in Excel it becomes “02-Feb” automatically, so to prevent this automatic formatting of numbers into date in Excel follow simple steps below. Prevent Excel from Reformatting Numbers into Date Method-1 Step-1 Select [...]

Blur Homescreen Wallpaper When Opening Folders with FolderBlur [Cydia Tweak]

Hashbang Productions released FolderBlur a Cydia tweak that blur your iPhone’s home screen wallpaper when you open a folder. The purpose of blur tweak is exactly just to focus on opened folder and to add a little uniqueness to your personal settings on iPhone. FolderBlur for iPhone is available free for download but first you [...]

How to Add a Contact to Android Home Screen

Do you want to add your most important contact’s shortcut to the home screen of your Android smartphone? Then you must check out the steps written below to know the process to do that without using any third-party app on Android. Note: Guide below works perfect on Samsung Galaxy Nexus over Android 4.2.2, so steps [...]