How to Create a Bootable Clone of Your Entire Mac to External Drive

Before you lose your hard drive, dead by any reason or having a startup problem with your Mac and want to save your projects work on urgent bases or save family data like photos or videos. In any case creating a clone copy of your entire Mac system files and also makes it bootable as [...]

How to Backup Windows 8.1 with Built-in Tool

If you ever used Mac OS X then you must know about program called Time Machine that you can use to backup Mac data or schedule a Backup. In Windows 8 default backup build-in tool is File History but in previous version of Windows Vista and 7 we backup our system files using built-in tool [...]


How To Backup / Restore iPhone Contacts via Email

Here is a guide that let you people facilitate to backup/restore iPhone Contacts by using an app called My Contacts Backup. This app creates .vcf backup file of your saved phone numbers from your iPhone and gives option send that file to your email address, so that you can easily access it in future when [...]

How to Back Up iOS Device with iCloud

Apple gives 5GB free iCloud storage, which you can also use to backup data from your iPhone or iPad running over iOS 5 or later. So, just follow the guide below to create backup of your iDevice over iCloud without attaching it to computer and iTunes. See Also: How to Enable iCloud Document Syncing Service [...]

How to Backup BlackBerry PlayBook Apps, Media and Settings

Save your PlayBook apps, media and settings by taking backup using BlackBerry Desktop Software. To take backup of your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet you need to install BlackBerry Desktop Software on you computer, lets see how to Backup BlackBerry Playbook. Go to, download and install the BlackBerry Desktop software on you computer. Step-2 Connect your [...]

How to Backup iPad 2 Apps, Photos, Videos, Music, Contacts, etc.

You must take backup of iPad frequently, due to any reason your may need this backup to restore on your iPad later. If you want to backup iPad 2, follow the given instructions below. You can use same method to backup iPad 1 as well. How to Backup iPad 2 Step-1 First connect your iPad [...]


How to Backup SMS Messages to Gmail from Android Phones

We have already covered how you can backup and restore SMS locally on Android phones. But to keep the backup of your SMS safe from accidentally being deleted, a better approach is to backup SMS messages of Android phone to Gmail Inbox. SMS Backup+ is a free app available in Android Market which can backup [...]

How to Export Windows Live Mail 2011 Messages

You must export and backup your all email messages from the email program you are using, if you want to export and backup Windows Live Mail 2011 emails, you don't need to use any third party application to backup emails here is an easy way to export and backup messages. You can use this guide [...]

How to Backup iPhone Text Messages on Windows

If you want to backup iPhone text message on Windows, here is a free method to do that, first we access iPhone SMS database file then view or export iPhone text message from it SMS.db file using SQLite DB browser and then backup iPhone text messages as .csv file / Excel spreadsheet. Backup iPhone Text [...]