How to Delete User Account on Mac

If you want to delete user account on Mac then follow the method written below which is very simple. But before proceeding further you must remember that it could only possible if you have access to administrator account on Mac. This guide is created using Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Delete User Account on Mac [...]

How to Turn Bluetooth Off on Mac

Turning Bluetooth off can save your MacBook battery, so if you are not using Bluetooth then its a good idea to turn it off. Turn Bluetooth off on Mac OS X Snow Leopard Click on Apple menu and select “System Preferences”. Click on “Bluetooth” icon under “Internet and Wireless” section. Uncheck the “On” checkbox if [...]

How to Turn WiFi On/Off on Mac

Turning WiFi On or Off and connected to a different wireless connection is a straightforward task. If you are new to macOS and don’t know to connect to WiFi network, then this guide is for you. Using the simple WiFi menu, you can check the wireless connection status, switch to another connection, and turn Wi-Fi [...]

How to Change Time Machine Backup Interval on Mac OS X

Time Machine is the built-in backup tool of Mac OS X and if you have enabled it on your Mac (See: how to setup Time Machine) then it refreshes backup after every 1 hour. As Time Machine on Mac is set to take backup after 3600 seconds which represents to 1 hour so whenever you [...]

How to Setup Time Machine on Mac OS X

Time Machine is the standard backup tool included in Mac OS X. This utility creates and maintains backup periodically and by default its backup time interval is set to 1 hour. Time Machine provides preview of backup up files, on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis, so if user accidentally delete any file from system [...]

Show Only Active Applications In Mac OS X Dock

Suppose if there is a huge mess on Dock due to so many applications icons then it become hard to identify the running active applications quickly. Here, a simple method which you may adopt to view only active applications on Mac dock and also the method to bring back all application icons. you can also [...]

How to Show off all Available Accounts on Mac OS X Login Screen

Some times this is required to display the list of all created user accounts on Mac OS X  login screen. So, in the following guide you will learn the method that how you can enable this option. Just as a prerequisite, you must be an admin account holder on Mac with full privileges and rights [...]

Use Spotlight For Quick Math Calculations on Mac OS X Snow Leopard [Time Save]

Although you may use the default calculator on Mac but for quick calculations Spotlight also includes calculator feature where users can directly enter math quires to get faster calculated results. Follow the simple instructions written below to know that how Spotlight works as calculator. Use Spotlight to perform mathematical calculations Just type your mathematical query [...]

How To Restrict Spotlight to Search in Private Folders On Mac

You can use Spotlight on Mac to find something fast and quickly but if you want to restrict Spotlight from searching to some specific location or folders because of any personal reason or to make your Mac secure while others are using it then follow the method written below to do so. This method will [...]

How to Really Empty the Trash on Mac OS X

On Mac if you want to delete the files from Trash then just Cmd + click on it and select the option Empty Trash and it asks to confirm either you want to Empty Trash or not. The process to empty the Trash is simple and you think that in this way your Trash is [...]

Integrate Facebook Chat with iChat on Mac

We have also written how to add Facebook Chat in Firefox, and you may use iChat on Mac to send messages to your Facebook friends instead of signing in to Facebook web page. Here we are writing the method to let you know that how you can integrate your Facebook vanity URL with iChat. Integrate [...]

Change Mac Startup Disk to Boot into Mac OS X after Installing Windows

When you create partition on Intel based Mac through BootCamp to install Windows OS then this newly installed operating system became the default OS and then whenever you start Mac it boots from Windows OS. But if you want to make the Mac OS X as default on your Mac system then just follow the [...]

How to Create Boot Camp Partition to Install Windows OS on Mac

If you want to run Windows operating system on your Mac besides Mac OS X then Boot Camp application makes this task easy for you. Boot Camp application is included in Mac OS X and helps to create a partition to install Windows operating system on Intel based Mac systems. Here we tell you the [...]

How to Burn DMG, ISO or Other Files on Mac OS X

If you want to burn .DMG, .ISO or any other files to optical medium then Disk Utility, the built-in utility of Mac OS X could be used to do that and in this way there is no need to put extra effort to install any other third party application to burn ISO or DMG files. [...]

How To Enable/Disable Folder Contents Quick Look View On Mac

The purpose to enable this option is to view the contents of folders quickly without opening them. You can View multipages Microsoft Office documents and PDF files, watch videos, view pictures slideshow and more with Quick look option. On Mac OS X it is very easy to enable Quicklook. So, here we are writing the [...]

Add or Remove Start-up Applications on Mac OS X

Some time people use their Mac computer for specific purpose and they want some required applications to run and ready at start-up automatically or even you don’t use Mac for specific work you may need to run some programs on start-up like Mail, Chat, Music and more… so Mac OS X gives you an option [...]

Recover Forgotten Passwords from Keychain Access Utility on Mac OS X

To remember passwords is quite a challenging and some times difficult task, so Mac has an embedded utility called Keychain Access. Keychain Access can store all almost all passwords that are used in Mac. For example, when you login to your web browser and click on option to remember my password then that password stored [...]

How to Mute Startup Sound on Mac

When you are working in silent office environment or in a study room then you may want to turn off startup sound of Mac. So, here we are writing the process which you may follow to control or completely turn off startup sound. Control startup sound on Mac OS X Step 1 Download and install [...]

How to Force Quit an Application On Mac OS X Using Terminal

To quit a stuck application you may use Force Quit option on Mac but sometimes the stuck application does not accept Force Quit. So, in that case you may kill the application by using commands on Terminal. The method written below helps you to know that how can you kill an application through command line. [...]

How to Force Quit an Application On Mac OS X

In case you stuck with an application in Mac OS X then definitely you want to get release from it as soon as possible without wasting your time. So, Mac OS X gives Force Quit option which allows to quit any running application quickly. Their are different methods to apply Force Quit for an application [...]

How to Create iTunes Account without Credit Card/Paypal

Got an iPhone or iPod Touch? then you must know that in order to download and install apps from App Store, as you should know, you’ll need to register an iTunes App Store account and creation of this account requires Credit Card or some other payment options. What if you do not have a credit [...]

How to Enable/Disable Root User on Mac

In Unix style operating systems Root is a unique user, different than an administrator who has high privileges and rights to make any change to the system. The Root user does not appear in user accounts list on Mac. By default Root user is disabled and recommended that after conducting the required change through Root, [...]

How to Set a Folder to Save Screen Shots on Mac

Whenever you take the screen shots on Mac it directly save those on desktop. This would be better if you specify a  folder on Mac to automatically save the screen shots because in that way it’ll be easy to organize them. So, if you want to change the default storage location, which is the desktop [...]

How to Create PDF File in macOS (from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF and more)

PDF (portable document file) is one of the most commonly use file format. Here, we write the method to create PDF file from different Text editors or office automation applications. We use TextEdit as an example you can Follow the same steps to create PDF file from Plain Text file, RTF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. [...]

Convert Text Files to Audio Using Mac Terminal

Text documents could be created for different useful purposes as for audio notes, tutorials, lectures, etc….. Mac has a very powerful text to speech engine that could be accessed easily through the Terminal command line. So, here we tell you about a Terminal command “Say”, by which you can easily create audio from text file. [...]