All About Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung unveiled its fourth Galaxy Note series phablet phone, Galaxy Note 4 and it is said to be the beast of smartphones. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is packed with bunch of exciting new features. Samsung has come up with a brilliant new design. A new Quad HD display, a brilliant camera. We shall be going [...]

How to Add Camera Shortcut to Lock Screen on Samsung Galaxy S4

The guide below will help you people to know the process of adding camera or favorite apps shortcuts to the Samsung Galaxy S4 lock screen. So have a look at the steps after the break if you wish to add shortcuts of apps to Galaxy S4 home screen. Add Camera or Favorite Apps Shortcuts to Galaxy S4 Lock [...]

How to Change Samsung Galaxy S4 Lock Screen Message

“Life companion” is the slogan that displays on Samsung Galaxy S4 screen. Now if you are tired with this tag line then no need to worry as Samsung gives option to change this text, color, font and size. You can also make changes to the clock and date appears on S4 lock screen widget or [...]

How to Install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ROM on AT&T Galaxy Note

Folks at RootzWiki has released a fully functioning leaked Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note, in ODIN one-click file format. In following you can find rundown of working features of ICS ROM for Galaxy Note and its install process which only works for Windows. Face Unlock is fully functional LTE [...]

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S II with S2 Root

Do you want to root your Samsung Galaxy S 2 Android phone? You can do this by using S2 One-Click Root for Samsung Galaxy S 2, Thanks to “lyriquidperfection” from XDA-Developers. NOTE: Make sure USB Driver is installed on you computer Enable USB Debugging Mode, go to Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging. [...]

How to Root Samsung Sidekick 4G

If you want to Root your Samsung Sidekick 4G then follow the given instructions below in the guide. First Make Sure: Driver for Samsung Sidekick 4G is installed on Windows. Enable USB Debugging mode on your Android device, from home screen select Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging. SD card is not mounted. [...]

How to Reset Samsung Galaxy S to Factory Settings

If you want to reset Samsung Galaxy S mobile to factory settings then follow the instructions given below. Note: before resetting Galaxy S mobile phone make sure you have backed-up your all mobile data to MicroSD card or on your computer. By performing reset, all contents stored on your mobile will be erased. So save [...]

Transfer Files Using Bluetooth on Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you want to transfer documents, pictures, videos or other stuff through bluetooth on Samsung Galaxy Tab then see how to pair your Galaxy Tab with other Bluetooth enabled devices and send or receive files. Step-1 Press “Menu” button on your Samsung Galaxy tab Step-2 Tap on “Settings” > “Wireless and Networks” Step-3 Tap on [...]

How to Uninstall Apps from Galaxy Tab

If you have some applications on your Samsung Galaxy Tab that you no longer want to use then follow the guide below to uninstall apps from Galaxy Tab. Press Home key and then press Menu  key on Galaxy Tab Tap Settings Tap Applications to manage applications Tap “Manage applications” option to view all installed applications [...]

Add Photo to a Contact on Galaxy Tab

If you like to add photo to a contact individually on your Samsung Galaxy tab then follow the steps written below to do so. Add Photo to a Contact on Galaxy Tab Step-1 On “Home” screen, tap on Applications tap Contacts icon Step-2 There tap on your required contact to which you want to add [...]

Find Mac Address on Samsung Galaxy Tab

MAC Address is unique hardware address of any Wireless or Ethernet capable device. To find Mac Address on Galaxy Tab you can use one of the following methods. Find Mac Address from Galaxy Tab WiFi Settings Step-1 On “Home” screen, tap “Menu” key > “Settings” Step-2 Then tap on “Wireless and network” > “Wi-Fi settings” [...]

How to Connect to Wireless Network on Samsung Galaxy Tab

You can either add a new Wi-Fi network from available networks on your Galaxy Tab, or you can also add a new Wi-Fi network manually. So, in following you will find the method how to connect to a Wireless network on Galaxy Tab. Connect to WiFi on Galaxy Tab Step-1 On “Home” screen, tap “Menu” [...]

Use Task Manager to End Programs and Free up Memory on Galaxy Tab

If your Galaxy Tab is consuming battery quickly or performance is slow then you may have running lot of application in the background. You need to fix that by using Task Manager to free some memory and end unnecessary programs from background that you are not using. Follow the instructions below to end or uninstall [...]

How to Export Contacts to SIM Card on Galaxy Tab

We have already covered how to import contact from SIM Card on Galaxy Tab. Now lets see how to export contacts to SIM Card, follow the steps written below to copy / move contacts from Samsung Galaxy Tab to SIM Card. Copy / Move Contacts to SIM Card on Galaxy Tab Step-1 On “Home” screen [...]

How to Import SIM Card Contacts to Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you switched to Samsung Galaxy Tab and want to import SIM contacts to it then in the following guide you will learn about the process to import SIM contacts to Galaxy Tab. Import SIM Card Contacts to Samsung Galaxy Tab Step-1 On “Home” screen, tap  “Applications” and then tap “Contacts”. Step-2 Press “Menu”  key [...]

How to Change Language on Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab running Android has built-in support for different languages, so if you have to set your own language on your Android tablet then read out the guide written below to do that. Change Language on Galaxy Tab Step-1 Press “Menu” key and tap on “Settings”. Step-2 There tap on “Locale & text” and [...]

Set Memory Card as Storage Location of Samsung Galaxy Tab Camera

If you have installed a memory card in your Samsung Galaxy Tab then you must change the Pictures and Videos storage location of Camera from Device to Memory Card. Lets see how to change the storage location of Camera pictures and videos on Galaxy Tab. Step-1 Tap Application icon from Home screen. Step-2 Tap Camera [...]

How to Set up Gmail Account on Samsung Galaxy Tab

To set up Gmail account on your Samsung Galaxy Tab, read out the instructions written below. Set up Gmail Account on Samsung Galaxy Tab Step-1 Tap on “Applications” from “Home” screen Step-2 Then tap on “Email”, on “Set up email” screen, provide username and password of your Gmail account and press “Next” Step-3 On next [...]

How to Reset Samsung Galaxy Tab to Factory Settings

A factory reset will reset your Samsung Galaxy Tab to factory settings and your all data on the device will be removed. So before doing the reset process, it’s better to backup your all data like Contacts, Emails, SMS, etc. from your device. If you are ready, then let’s see how to reset Samsung Galaxy [...]

How to Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Tab

To take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Tab is very simple as compare to other Android devices. Its just a one step process, for which you do not require any special app or root access to your Android Galaxy tab. Take Screenshot on Galaxy Tab To take screenshot press “Power” and “Back” buttons simultaneously and you [...]

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Tab

Now you can root Samsung Galaxy Tab by using one-click app called z4root. By rooting your Galaxy Tab you have full access to Android files,  you can flash custom firmwares and more. Using z4root app you can root and unroot Galaxy tab as well. Lets see how to root Galaxy Tab with Z4root 1-click root [...]