How to Delete Gmail Messages on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Folks who use Gmail through Mail app on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad have observed that whenever you want to delete any of your email, it become an archive instead of going to Trash folder in Gmail. To resolve the issue Gmail adds new feature of "Delete" through Google Sync on iPhone, iPad or iPod [...]

How to Password Protect Google Chrome Browser

Chrome users who are quite security conscious and want to apply some password to their web browser must try Browser Lock add-on with Chrome. Browser Lock allows you to set a password to Chrome so that you can stop other people from accessing your browser while you left your browser open. So, by following simple [...]


How to Activate Facebook Timeline Now

Facebook rolled out "Timeline" feature for all of its users around the glob, which is a revamped profile presentation format on Facebook since start to the end date of users updations. Through guide below you can learn how to activate Timeline in Facebook. Activate Facebook Timeline Step-1 Visit Facebook Timeline page and click on Get [...]

How to Enable Download to Google Drive Option in Google Docs

Google Drive is Google's cloud storage similar to Dropbox where users can store their files, documents, media stuff etc. Now, through guide below you will learn how to enable Google Drive for Google Docs which is at the moment in testing phase and available to limited users. Enable Download to Google Drive Option in Google [...]

How to Create an Email Group on Gmail

If you have to send same email message to some of your colleagues in routine then it would be a better approach to lay them all under a group in Gmail, so that you do not need anymore to add each and every email address again and again to send email to a specific group [...]

How to Recover Hotmail Deleted Emails

If you mistakenly delete your some of important Hotmail email messages and want them back then Hotmail gives a stunning option of Recover Deleted Emails, so continue reading to know how to access that option in Hotmail. Step-1 Get Sign in to your Hotmail account Step-2 In left-side panel, click on "Deleted" under "Folders" Step-3 [...]

How to Transfer Photos from One Album to Another on Facebook

To organize the uploaded photos you need to move them from one to another album, several times, which you may do by following the guide below. Transfer Photos from One Album to Another on Facebook Step-1 Log in to your Facebook account Step-2 In left panel of screen click on "Photos" > "My Uploads" Step-3 [...]


How to Close Gmail Sessions, if you forgot to Logout Somewhere

This Gmail feature helps you to logout and close sessions if you forgot to logout from Gmail account anywhere. lets see how to close Gmail sessions. Step-1 Login in to your Gmail account Step-2 Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Details" link as shown below Step-3 A window will open, [...]

How to Get Email Address

One of the newest feature of Facebook social networking site is that it provides option to users to get a personalized email address. Now, if you do not know that how to get personal email address then following instructions can guide you perfectly. How to Get Email Address? First of all make [...]

Dropbox: Double your Referral Credit to 500MB

You can double your Dropbox referral credit to 500MB if you have .edu (School) email address. Schools without .edu domains are also eligible. Get 500 MB instead of 250MB per friend you invite to Dropbox. That goes for everyone you've already referred too. Create a new Dropbox account using .edu email address or Verify .edu [...]

Giveaway: JotAgent an iPhone App for Dropbox – 4 Promo Codes

JotAgent is tiny app for iPhone and iPad that works with DropBox to save your notes quickly and easily. JoteAgent store all notes on Dropbox, it means you can access your notes anywhere from iOS devices, Mac or web. So participate in this iPhone app Giveaway after feature list. " *THIS APP REQUIRES A DROPBOX [...]

Transfer Emails from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail

Outlook Express is replaced with Windows Live Mail, if you switched from Windows XP to Windows 7 or Vista you will no longer find the Outlook Express in it. So you may need to transfer your Outlook Express emails to Windows Live Mail. If you just want to transfer Outlook Express message to Windows Live [...]

How to Untag Yourself from a Facebook Photo

To draw your attention to a photo on Facebook lot of people may tag you in the picture even you are not in it. If this is the case then you can remove your tag from the photo easily. Login to your Facebook account, and select picture notification by clicking on notification icon. Find your [...]

How to Block Websites in Firefox

There is an Add-on available for Mozila Firefox named "BlockSite" which helps users to block websites of their choices and password protect the settings to stop unauthorized changes. So just follow the simple process written below to block sites in Firefox. Block Web Sites in Firefox Add BlockSite extension to Firefox Click on Get Add-ons. [...]

How to Change Default Download Location of Firefox

Firefox web browser is most commonly used in IT industry and if you want to change the default Download folder of your Firefox web browser to make the access easy to downloaded files then follow the steps written below to make settings in your Firefox web browser according to your choice. Open Firefox, click on [...]

How to Backup and Restore Firefox Bookmarks

Most of the people bookmark their favorite websites and these bookmarked links must be backed up. You can backup Firefox bookmarks on Mac or PC, which you may transfer to another computer or restore when you install fresh OS. Just launch Firefox, from the "Bookmarks" menu click on "Organize Bookmarks..." option Now, click on "Import [...]

Add Facebook Chat in Firefox Sidebar

We have already written about how to add Facebook chat in iChat on Mac, and now we are going to tell you how to add Facebook chat to Firefox and in this way it became possible for users to be in touch with their Facebook friends all the time while they are working over internet [...]

Integrate Facebook Chat with iChat on Mac

We have also written how to add Facebook Chat in Firefox, and you may use iChat on Mac to send messages to your Facebook friends instead of signing in to Facebook web page. Here we are writing the method to let you know that how you can integrate your Facebook vanity URL with iChat. Integrate [...]

How to Disable Google Buzz from Gmail

Buzz is a new service by the internet giant Google. Using Google Buzz you can Share updates, photos, videos, and more and start conversations about the things you find interesting. Some users don't want to show up Buzz in gmail and want to turn it off. You can disable Google Buzz from gmail, lets see [...]

View Full Headers Information of an Email (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo)

Full header information of an email is more helpful for system administrators than an ordinary person. Full headers information of an email contains delivery route and other information. By default different email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. shows little information in the headers in normal view, but you can see the full headers [...]

How to Upload Videos on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular places where you can share photos and videos with friends and family. Uploading video on facebook is very easy just follow the following steps to upload videos. You may also interested in How to Upload Photos to Facebook Login to facebook and go to your profile. Click on [...]

Send Free SMS Through E-Mail to AT&T, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon, Virgin Mobile

Some mobile phone carriers allow their subscribers to send SMS trough email, this is very handy service to save some text messeging money. Here we bring some top mobile phone carriers allow users to send SMS trough email. Send SMS to AT&T Send SMS to Nextel Send SMS to Sprint Send SMS [...]

13 Different Ways to Access Blocked Websites

How to access blocked websites here we will discuss few ways to bypass the restrictions at your school, college or office to access blocked sites like normal. Before you try out any of the methods listed here to access blocked Website, I suggest you install Firefox browser. For faster and smoother internet access, Firefox is [...]

How to Upload Photos to Facebook

Facebook is most popular social networking site there are different ways to upload photos on Facebook to create your album. In this step by step guide you will explore those different options Upload Photos to Facebook Go to and sign in with your Facebook ID and password. Click on "Photos" icon from left navigation, [...]

How to Access Blocked Websites

Why someone uses Proxy Site? There are various reasons like; many websites that you wish to browse are blocked at your school, workplace, maybe you want to test a script or checking Geo targeted ads may also be another reason to use proxy websites. Note: Please authenticate with your local authorities before using these options. [...]