How to Hide Specific Topics Ads on Facebook

Facebook display ads according to your interest and search, but sometimes we see complete different and irrelevant ads too on our timelines and we don’t wanted to see them. When we see those kinds of ads we can skip them from context menu or we can also hide them but similar ads will appears again [...]

How to Enable Offline Browsing in Firefox

To make web browser lightning faster, your web browser downloads all the resources such as JavaScript files, images and CSS (styles sheets) into web browsers cache. After that whenever you visit that site again your browser will load all data from it cache rather than downloading from website server. Which means website will load lightning [...]

How to Write Facebook Page Posts In Multiple Languages

If you have a Facebook page that attracts user from around the world, then giving access to page authors and managers of your Facebook Page to write post in different language is a very good idea. If you write your Facebook post in your readers language, this will help your posts have higher visibility on [...]

How to Turn Off Facebook Notifications in Google Chrome

Social networks like Twitter and Facebook are extremely popular nowadays. These networks take constant attention. You have to sign in to your browser and have to agree if you want to receive notifications. Google chrome is a most favorite and preferred browser. So constant notifications sounds can distract or bothers you from your work. Is [...]

Run Windows Apps in any Browser

When you work on a computer with limited access or PC that sets limits on you and at that moment you can’t find any solution, there comes a portable virtualized computer application that runs on your any Windows browser. Cameyo is website that offers many popular Windows applications, you can run any application from Cameyo [...]

How to Use Facebook Messenger in Browser without Apps or Ext.

Facebook is very popular in social media and almost everybody use Facebook to update status, chatting with friends or family etc. There are plenty of application available that supported to run Messenger features but Facebook officially released it and you can enjoy all Facebook features in your browser. Features like chat with friend, group chat, [...]

View or Delete Saved Passwords in Different Browsers

Every browser have built-in function to save your website usernames and passwords. If you logged in on any website using your username and password browser will ask you to save it or not and if you saved your login information then it will automatically fill that information for you when next time visit that website [...]

How to Play Old Games Right in Your Browser

I love old classic games and find a way to play old games in Browser, I have testing in Firefox on Windows 7 and Windows 8, you will love to play them again. About 2400 MS-DOS and 900 Classic arcade games are available to play right into your browser. Play Old Games on Windows DOSBox [...]

Delete Specific Google Chrome Browsing History

You can delete specific Google Chrome history instead clearing all history data. Next time If you want avoid creating browsing history, use Google Chrome incognito mode, anyway If you forgot to use this mode you can still clear certain links from browsing history. Google Chrome stores last 90 days history of links except the pages [...]

How to Disable Ads on uTorrent

uTorrent is very popular torrent client to download different kinds of files from torrent sites. uTorrent introduced advertisement in its version 3.0. These sponsor advertisements displayed at bottom and top and you may want to hide these ads. You can disable these ads from uTorrent interface by changing some advanced options. You will enjoy ads [...]

Make Animated gif from YouTube Video

Do you want to convert a chunk of YouTube video to animated gif file? You can do this either by using a Video converter software or by following this easy YouTube to gif method where you don’t required any video software. How to make a gif from a YouTube Video? Open a video to make [...]

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

Facebook has become a major source of communication for majority of the people. Whether it is something nonchalant, or even professional, this medium is considered all-right for any type of conversation. Often what happens with some people is that they delete their messages or conversations on Facebook, and then someday out of the blue they [...]

How to Backup Your Browser Bookmarks [Firefox, Chrome, IE]

If you want to backup or transfer your browser’s bookmarks then almost all browser gives option to backup or export bookmarks as a file. Most common bookmark backup file is HTML that you can import in other browsers easily. In this guide you will see how to export bookmarks or favorites from major browsers like [...]

Logout Facebook Account From all Devices Remotely

Your Facebook account may have everything personal in it and you should take Facebook account’s security seriously otherwise you may be going to expose your personal stuff. You should know how to make your account more secure using available security options and keep looking to Facebook log in sessions and log out Facebook remotely from [...]

How to Take Screenshot of Whole Web Page in Chrome

Obtaining a screenshot of a whole web page is a little bit tricky, as normally by using print screen you only capture the portion of a webpage, which is viewable on screen. Now, if you want to capture full webpage and you are using Google Chrome web browser then here is an extension that let [...]

How to Block Spam Text Messages on US Carrier

Spam messages not only derail the activity of a mobile user, instead these messages also be dangerous enough and can grab confidential information from a user in very simple manner. So, its a better approach to block unwanted text messages on phone through your cellular carriers, US carriers are doing their best to minimize spam. [...]

How to Stop Facebook Email Notifications

Facebook sends email notifications to its users regarding all the activities taking place on their Facebook account, as if there are some new comments, friends requests, birthday notifications, etc. Now, if you have a lot of contacts on your Facebook, then definitely you receive a bulk amount of Facebook email notifications, which is quite annoying [...]

The “Other” Facebook Inbox

You have noticed that Facebook notifies for the messages from your Facebook friends in Inbox, but there is also a separate Inbox for messages from people who are not your Facebook friends but still can send you messages. In following you can find that how to access hidden Inbox in Facebook. Facebook Other Messages Inbox [...]

Feedly Launched Cloud Sync Service ahead of Google Reader Shutdown

As it is announced by Google that Google Reader service will shutdown in July, so there are many alternatives of Google Reader are out there and one of those is Feedly’s recently launched Cloud sync service which is the best replacement for Google Reader. If you are new to Feedly then go to and [...]

How to Set to Never Save Sent Messages

If you want to set your account to never save sent messages then just follow the steps below to make some settings to your account so after doing that your sent email messages will not be saved as a history anymore in your account, until you revert the change. Never Save Sent Messages [...]

How to Turn Off Facebook Photo Syncing

There’s a new feature of automatic Photo Sync for iPhone and Android devices which imports photos via Wi-Fi or the cell network. But if you want to opt out of this option, in case you have enabled it on your device then guide below will help you to do that easily. Turn Off Facebook Photo [...]

How to Hide Facebook Timeline in Firefox and Chrome Web Browsers

By the end of last year Facebook rolled out TimeLine, a new profile layout to all of its users world wide. A lot of people are there who do not like TimeLine but they can not roll back to the old Facebook look as company does not provide any way to do that, so you [...]

How to Read .ePub ebooks in Firefox and Chrome Web Browsers

If you find some e-books online and those are in ePub format, and you wish to read those right inside your web browser, then you must know that its not possible to open ePub file in a web browser without having some specific extension for your web browser. So, the guide below will let you [...]