Export as PDF From File Menu in OS X Mavericks

Apple’s latest OS X Mavericks includes 200+ new features and one of these is the easy way to Export as PDF from “File” menu. In predecessor versions of OS X Mavericks user can use “Save as PDF”, just navigating through File menu and by selecting “Print” option from menu list and then choosing a destination. [...]

How to Remove Lock Screen Notifications on OS X Mavericks

By default OS X Mavericks v10.9 gives pushes notifications from different apps on the lock screen of Mac. Although this feature is added to Mavericks to give a quick look to notifications but for some users its quite annoying of having private notifications on lock screen. OS X Mavericks also includes option to disable lock [...]

How to Enable Handwriting Input in Gmail

Google includes a new feature of handwriting input to Gmail that gives a way to insert other languages text in email message, which is not supported by your current keyboard. Handwriting input method is also helpful for the users with disabilities. Through steps below you may know how to enable handwriting input feature in Gmail. [...]

How to List Apps Installed on Android

In case your friends ask you to share your Android apps recommendations to them as they are moving to Android mobile devices then you must have to create a list of Android apps installed on your Android phone. So, here you find the way to list apps installed on your Android device, currently using List [...]

How to Delete Messages in iOS 7

A feature which is replaced in iOS 7 is the way to remove messages. In the previous versions of iOS there is an ‘Edit’ button appears at the right hand side of screen when you read your messages, which is disappeared in iOS 7. Now what to do if you want to delete messages on [...]

How to Enable ON/OFF Switch Labels in iOS 7

In iOS 7 redesign, you observe the ON switch is represented with green colour, and OFF switch with white colour for different Settings. Unlike the iOS 6, iOS 7 also gives option to the users to add extra indicator to the ON/OFF switches, in case its your preference or need due to any disability. So, [...]

How to Use Camera Burst Mode on iPhone 5S

At the iPhone 5S/5C launch event, Apple also presented camera improvements with iOS 7. One of the iSight Camera feature that stood out of others is burst mode – high speed camera on iPhone 5S. Here you find guide that help you to use camera burst mode on iPhone 5S to take a best shot. [...]

How to Track Data Usage on iPhone, iPad

In iOS 7 there is a new feature added, with 200+ iOS 7 new features which allows users to track data usage of apps installed on their iDevices. By using Settings in iOS 7 user can track data usage per app, and can also turn off access to data for some specific app individually. So, [...]

How to Set up Fingerprint Scanner on iPhone 5S

In iPhone 5S, Apple introduced Touch ID – Fingerprint identity sensor that is integrated with the iPhone 5S Home button. Touch ID, uses your fingerprints as passcode and can automatically unlocks your iPhone, and let you allow to authorize purchases from the Apple online services like iTunes Store, App Store, and iBooks. In following you [...]

How to Adjust Systemwide Font Size in iOS 7

In the latest iOS 7 user can change default font size systemwide, whereas the prior versions of iOS 7 just let you allow to adjust font size for select apps like Notes, Mail, Messages, and Calendar by navigating through “Settings” > “General” > “Accessibility”. Apple includes feature to change default text size system wide in [...]

How to Force Quit Apps on iOS 7

When it comes to close apps on iOS 7, the process of doing that is different from of its predecessor iOS version. Like in iOS 6 you need to press twice Home button, which opens app drawer, there you tap and hold any of app icon until all the apps icons start jiggling and a [...]

How to Stop Apple Maps Speaking Directions on iOS

If you do not need to have speaking instructions in Apple Maps navigation system on iPhone then guide below will help you to know how you can adjust navigation voice volume in Apple Maps app. Disable Voice Navigation in iOS Maps Step-1 Tap on “Settings” and then tap “Maps” Step-2 Simply select “No Voice” option [...]

How to Reset Siri Language

The guide below will let you people help to change Siri language on iPhone according to your requirement. Incase someone else who uses your iPhone have changed Siri language, but you only understands English then no need to worry simply follow steps below to reset Siri language easily. Change Siri Language on iPhone and iPad [...]

How to Turn ON Automatic Downloads on iPhone and iPad

Apple let you allow to enable automatic download of books, apps and music to iPhone and iPad which you have purchased on any other of your iDevice. Through guide below you can learn how to turn ON automatic apps download on your iDevice over iOS 4.3.3+. Enable/Disable Automatic Downloads on iPhone and iPad Step-1 Tap [...]

How to Prevent Uninstalling Apps on iPhone and iPad

Its a better approach to disable deleting apps on iPhone, if your iDevice is in use of others as well. Suppose children at home play games on your iPhone then they may delete your apps accidently, so the guide below will help you to do some prevention measures from uninstalling apps on iPhone without the [...]

How to Write Urdu Language on Mac OS X

If you wish to write Urdu language on your Mac running over any previous version like OS X 10.7 then the guide written below will help you in a way that first you have to install Urdu keyboard layout on Mac and then activate it by following the guide below. Mac systems over Mac OS X 10.7+ [...]

Fix Missing Virtual Keyboard Issue on iPhone and iPad

If you have the periodic problem while virtual keyboard does not appear on your iPhone or iPad while you need to have it for typing in an application then you must check out guide below to fix onscreen keyboard missing issue on iDevices. There could be some situations when onscreen keyboard on iPad/iPhone is disappeared, [...]

How to Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts on iPhone/iPad

If you are tired of typing common phrases on your iPhone virtual keyboard all the time like your email address, name, job etc then its good to create custom keyboard shortcuts on iPhone for swift typing. The guide below help you to create custom keyboard shortcuts on iPhone and iPad. Create Keyboard Shortcuts on iPhone [...]

How to Speed up Mac by Verifying and Repairing Disk Permissions

If your Mac is slowdown then definitely you want it to be speedy? So the tip below will help you to fix some problems with your Mac to boost its performance by verifying and repairing disk permissions. Continue after the break to know how to resolve Mac problems to bring its performance at the peak [...]

How to Disable the Reveal Password Button in Windows 8

Whenever you type your password in any app or web site on Windows 8, it gives the option to reveal password on user choice by clicking on an eye button next to the password field. There are definately some purposes behind adding reveal password button in Windows 8 but if you want to disable it [...]

Stream Photos from iOS Device to Mac Screen Saver

Mac OS X Mountain Lion+, iPhoto 11+ and iOS 6+ includes feature of Photo Stream, which means you can automatically send a stream of photos taken on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to your Mac screen saver or to Apple TV when connected to Wi-Fi. So, check out the guide below which gives you [...]

How to Change iPhone Carrier Logo without Jailbreak

Here is a tool created by uhelios and Pix3lDemonand that let you allow to change carrier logo on iPhone/iPad, of your choice without jailbreak of iDevice. This tool simply creates a carrier configuration file which you have to load into your iDevice by using iTunes to change carrier logo. So, just follow the steps written [...]

How To Quickly Change the Size of Dock on Mac OS X

To view some applications you may require more space on your Mac screen. If you need some space on your Mac OS X desktop you can hide the dock or even make it smaller or bigger on the fly if you are no comfortable by hiding it.  So, it is very simple to quickly change [...]

How to Change Mac Password

In order to keep your Mac secure, it is good to set an administrator password which must be difficult to guess for others. Mac Administrator has highest privileges as compare to other users. So, in order to keep your Mac secure its important to create a strong password for Admin or you can reset it [...]