How to View Desktop Version of a Website in Safari iPhone

Website servers automatically detect the browsing device and load the website version accordingly either desktop or mobile version. If you are browsing a website on portable device with smaller screen like on iPhone which is much smaller as compare to computer desktop or laptop screens. Safari will automatically loads mobile version of the site if [...]

How to Close all Safari Tabs at Once iOS 7

The new Safari browser in iOS 7 brings lot of new features and sleekness. Closing multiple tabs in Safari is bit trouble when your have opened a dozen or more of web pages. There is no simple way to close all opened tabs at once, you have to flick each one or use the close [...]


Safari 6.0.2 Available Now

Apple has released an update to the web browser, Safari 6.0.2 with some fixes which is recommended for all systems running over Mac OS X Lion v10.7.5, OS X Lion Server v10.7.5, and OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.2 You can download Safari v6.0.2 through "Software Update" on your system from the Apple menu at your [...]

Download Safari 5.1.2 for Windows and Mac

Apple released a minor update of its web browser Safari 5.1.2 with some fixes to improve stability, excessive memory usage, issues with webpages to flash white and allow PDFs to be displayed within web content. You can download latest Safari for Windows and Mac via Software update or through direct download links below. Download Safari [...]

Enable Tab Navigation on all Items of Webpage in Safari OS X Lion

By default in Safari OS X Lion you can use Tab key to navigate only on Text fields, Popup menus and use Option+Tab keys to navigate through all webpage elements, but to make navigation on all elements of the webpage bit easier you can change the Safari browser settings, follow the given steps below. Open [...]

Safari 5.1 for Mac and Windows

Safari 5.1 is released with many new features and enhancements for Mac OS X and Windows. Go ahead, read its new features and improvements and download either for Windows or Mac. Update New Features: Reading List: Easily add webpages and links to your Reading List to browse when you have time. New Process Architecture: Safari [...]

How to Clear Safari History on iPad 2

If you want to clear the website history on your iPad then you can do this easily from Safari settings, you can clear Safari history, Cookies and Cache files. Follow this guide to clear Safari history On your iPad home screen tap Settings icon Tap Safari to view its settings, here you can clear Safari [...]


How to Change Default Search Engine of Safari on iPad

If you are not happy with the default search engine of Safari on iPad then you can change it to you favorite one from a given list easily, follow the given instructions below to change default search engine on iPad. Tap "Settings" icon on iPad Home screen. Tap "Safari" option and select available search option [...]