How to Improve Skype Screen Sharing Quality

Skype is very famous and fan favorite both video and audio calling apps, also offers screen sharing between two Skype users. Sometime we face the quality issues while sharing scree but there is still possibility to improve the screen sharing quality using this little hack or trick.

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How to Block any Number for Messaging You in iOS 10

Until the release of iOS 10 blocking a number from calls, iMessages or text messages is very simple, you can block any number by going into details screen for message or call and then find the block option on there, whenever you received a call from any of your contacts or unknown number, you don’t want to talk to or received messages or iMessages.

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iOS 10 beta 3 New Features

Apple released iOS 10 beta 3 few days ago to developers with some variety of new tweaks, bug fixes and features but this iOS beta 3 is not as feature rich as iOS 10 beta 2.

With every iOS beta update Apple add some features and tweaks to refine iOS operating system. This update is available as over the air download for those who installed the beta configuration profile or first two betas. Read More

Download Mac OS X EI Capitan 10.11.6 [Final Release]

After several weeks of public and beta testing now apple released the final version of Mac OS X EI Captain 10.11.6 though the Mac App Store for all users. OS X 10.11.6 has been in testing since May 23 and it released after two months of releasing OS X 10.11.5. OS X 10.11.6 can be download from Mac App Store and it’s available for all the OS X EI Capitan users.

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Android 7.0 Nougat DP5 Final Release Available to Download

Now Google released the developer preview 5 of Android 7.0 Nougat and it’s available to download. This is the final preview of Android Nougat 7.0. Last month Google released developer preview 4 with final APIs for Android Nougat and now this preview gives developers final system updates for all the supported devices, helping you to get your app ready for consumers. This release has latest and final Nougat APIs at API level 24 and the latest system behaviors. Read More

Update: Google Photos Gets New Features for iOS

Google Photos is an app for iOS and Android, its home for your all videos and photos. It’s a photo gallery where you can search faster, share and edit your photos and videos. The main thing is it can back-up your all the photos and videos automatically.
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iOS 10 Beta Anyone Can Quick Reply Your Messages from Lock Screen

Don’t hand over your iPhone to anyone with iOS 10 beta installed on it. In iOS 10 beta releases there is a bug related to quick message reply from lock screen. Quick reply allow users to reply Twitter, iMessage and other messages from lock screen without having to enter Passcode or any kind of authentication with touch ID. This issue persists even while the disabled in settings and also applies to other messages apps. So be careful, anyone can reply your messages.

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iOS 10 Multilingual Typing Without Having To Switch Between Keyboards

Multilingual typing is easy in iOS 10, writing text in multiple languages is very hard to do in iOS 9. We need to do this by clicking on world icon then going back and forth from English to any other language. This is very annoying part to do. In iOS 9 the only way to change or switch the language is to manually select like the same way we select emoji. Before iOS 10 update user can only write in one language at a time, if they want to write the same message in other language then they should choose other language. Read More

How to Sign-out from Windows 10 or 8 Different Ways

If you are new to Windows 8 or 10, or just upgrading from Windows 7 to new version, then the simple Sign out option of your account is hidden. Some features are hidden in Windows 8 and 10 like Sign out from your account but this doesn’t mean you can’t use them. You can still Sign out using many different ways.

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Apple Released Beta 4 Versions for iOS 9.3.3, tvOS 9.2.2 and OS X El Capitan 10.11.6

Now Apple released another 3 betas, iOS 9.3.3 beta 4 with build number 13G33, tvOS 9.2.2 beta 4 build 13Y824 and OS X EI Capitan 10.11.6 beta 4 build 5G24b to developers for downloading and testing. These beta releases are not available to the public yet. To download any of this update you must have Apple developer account or check how to join Apple Beta program to get earlier public beta. Read More

How to Downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 9 Without Losing Data

Are running iOS 10 beta and done testing new look and features but now you decided to downgrade and revert back to stock release iOS 9. Currently iOS 10 beta is buggy and not for regular use. There are two main ways to downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 9 on your Apple device, one which requires you to have backup and the other one which fortunately doesn’t required any backup.

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How to Install Graphic Tools in Windows 10

Windows 10 released with some awesome new features. Some features are not installed with the snipped-in product but you can easily install them after installing windows as per your wish like Graphic Tools. These kind of features are available in windows 10 as an optional. These features are not obligatory and also their absence doesn’t affect your system. Read More

How to Make Bootable USB macOS Sierra 10.12 Beta

You might be interested to install macOS Sierra on your Mac to enjoy some new features introduced in macOS Sierra 10.12. In this guide you will learn to create a bootable USB drive or any portable USB drive to install macOS. This bootable drive will help you to fresh or clean install macOS or dual boot on Macbook, iMac, Mac mini or computer that compatible to install this operating system. Do you want to know features included in this new macOS? Feature you might be interested in, ask Siri to do something while you working on other stuff, Siri can locate your files, play music, check weather condition and much more. Please check our previous post to know more about new feature of macOS Sierra. about Photos app , Apple Pay, Auto unlock with Watch, Universal Clipboard and much more.

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How to Remove Built-in iOS 10 Apps

This is what we want right? One of the greatest features of iOS 10, now you can remove built-in iOS 10 apps that installed by default, if you don’t use them or don’t want them in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that of course will save storage as well. Now you can take control on your iPhone and iPad, you will be able to delete built-in apps like Videos, Music, Calculator, Maps etc. Don’t worry, you can download them again if you want from App store.

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macOS Seirra 10.12 New Features

Apple announced MAC OS at its annual Developer Conference in San Francisco. This version of OS comes with some new major and some not major features and most important thing is it’s released with brand new name macOS instead OS X.
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Is Your Device Compatible with iOS 10 ? [iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch]

Apple announced its new version of mobile operating system iOS 10. You might want to check iOS 10 compatibility with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Because iOS 10 comes with huge list of features that you must be interested in and want to install on your device. Apple always try to make sure that everyone gets latest version on their device and make sure the iOS compatibility with old and new devices. Anyhow Apple have to cut down few device that don’t have enough hardware or processing power to run latest iOS. iOS 10 is compatible with the following list of models of iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch devices.

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Apple iOS 10 New Features

Apple released iOS 10 to developers only right now with bunch of amazing new features. Apple finally gives more than what we except from this new iOS. This update of iOS 10 is currently available only for developers for testing and just for selected Apple devices. This iOS 10 has some great and amazing new features which sure to generate some positive reviews.

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Apple Released iOS 10 Beta Big. Bold. Beautiful.

iOS 10 Beta biggest released available to download and install for developers. If you are a developer or have access to registered Apple developer account then you can install iOS 10 right now. If you want to test this iOS 10 release prior final public release then instead joining developer program you can signup for Apple Public Beta program so you can get an earlier public beta release from Apple. You must know these beta releases may not stable and have bugs that may need to be fixed. So while using iOS 10 beta be ready for these things.

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Apple Released macOS Sierra 10.12 Beta

A developer preview or macOS 10.12 build number 16A201w released by Apple. Apple called Sierra to macOS 10.12 version an its available to download and install for developers. Apple changed the name of operating system from Mac OS X to just macOS so this will be looks similar to iOS, watchOS and tvOS. Those who are registered Apple developers can download this new macOS Sierra 10.12 right now, but those who join the Apple Public Beta program will also get the beta version for testing in July.

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