How to Delete iOS Update from iPhone & iPad

Here is how you can delete iOS Update from iPhone & iPad. Check the quick method to delete and stay where you are for any reason. By deleting the iOS update installation files that automatically downloaded in the background might be huge in size, from 500MB to 3GB. So, deleting will free up some space on your device.

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How to Add Option in the Context Menu “Open command prompt here as administrator” – Windows 10

Add Option in the Context Menu _Open command prompt here as administrator_

Windows context menu options are really useful to perform different tasks with ease, the task that might require a few steps can be performed with one click. The context menu is the menu when you right-click on something there is a related list of options that you can perform again the selected item. You can customize and add your own options to the menu like adding an “open command prompt here as administrator” option. You just right-click and select this option and the Command Prompt is ready with administrator rights. In this guide let’s see how to add this command on the menu.

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