Different Ways to Boot Windows 10 / 8 Into Safe Mode

Do you want to know how to boot Windows into Safe Mode? Windows Safe Mode option is a process to troubleshoot your computer and solve the Windows problem. Using Safe Mode option in windows you limit the Windows software and drivers to run Windows with required only settings. If your system is not booting properly [...]

Extend or Reset Windows Trial Period [Windows 8, 8.1, 7]

If you are using Trial version of any Microsoft Windows 8, 8.1 or 7 and Microsoft allow to use this trial version for 30-90 days depends on Windows version. If Windows trial is going to expire then you can extend or reset Windows trial period from 30 days to 360 for Windows 7 and from [...]


How to Download Windows 8, 8.1 or 7 ISO Files Officially

Do you need Windows 8, 8.1 or 7 ISO files and you don't know where you can find and download these legitimate image files? You may download it from torrent illegally but this Windows copy may contains some harmful stuff for you computer and data, seriously. If you wanna test Windows before buying it or [...]

How to Share Files Between Windows 8 and Ubuntu

This quick tutorial will show how you can share files between Ubuntu and Windows 8. For the purpose of sharing different resources, Files and Printers on home or small networks, we use workgroup method. When we create network with workgroup method on Windows based PCs then its easy and we don't need any extra thing. [...]

Run Windows 8 on Mac OS X with VMware Fusion

Do you want to run Windows 8.x on Mac? We already posted a guide how to Dual Boot Windows 8.1 and OS X Mavericks on Mac with Boot Camp and now see this guide to install and run Windows 8 on Mac using VMware Fusion. Creating Windows 8 virtual machine with VMware and then run [...]

How to Install Windows 8.1 on Mac with Boot Camp [Dual Boot]

So you love your Mac a lot but want to install Windows 8.1 on Mac along with OS X Mavericks (Macbook Pro, Air, Mac Mini or, iMac) Then you’re at the best place one could be. This guide will present to you the precise steps you need to follow to give Windows 8.1 a whirl [...]


How to Check Disk Space Usage by Apps in Window 8.1

Windows 8.1 has already become quite the favorite of many people. The large application database is making the users to install them which in turn mean that you will run of out room very quickly, right? If you're using a Windows based tablet then too many apps will take up your space in no time. [...]

How to Capture Mouse Cursor in Screenshot on Windows

On different versions of Microsoft Windows, you can capture screenshots using print screen (prt sc) button from your computer keyboard. You can use this print screen key with the combination of another key for instance - in combination with the Alt key to capturing only the active window as a screenshot. But capturing the screenshot [...]

How to Capture Screenshot in Windows and Save Automatically In a Folder

In previous versions of Windows, when you press print screen (prtsc) button from the keyboard, it saves the screenshot to windows clipboard, and you need to paste it in an image editing tool to save it. If you want to take multiple screenshots, then this might be the problem because you need to save the [...]

How to Find Windows Start Up and Shutdown Time Logs

"The system administrator may need to find the startup and shutdown time for the Windows PC. If you are an administrator or just curious to see system startup and shutdown time log to troubleshoot or diagnose something on your PC, then this guide is for so continue reading. This guide is written using Windows 10 [...]

How to Find Boot Duration Windows 8.x PC

Microsoft Windows 8 boot up time is much faster then previous version of Windows. If you having problem with Windows boot duration or just curious to find the actual loading time of Windows 8.x then your can find this in Windows event viewer. To diagnose Windows performance it stores the boot up details for you, [...]

Find or Change Workgroup Name Windows 8.x

Workgroup is automatically created when you install windows 8.x and named as WORKGROUP by default. To find your workgroup name or if you want to change your workgroup name on Windows 8.x to something else then continue reading to do that. Workgroup is use to connect a group of PCs at your home or small [...]

View or Change Homegroup Password in Windows 8.x

If someone wants to access your shared content through Windows HomeGroup option then he must join your home group first. You need to tell your HomeGroup password to other users so they can access shared files and printer. If you forgot password then this guide is for you to located HomeGroup password and you also [...]

Turn Off Touch Keyboard Clicks Sound in Windows 8.1

If you are sitting in a library or at a place where the silence is required, then definitely you need to stop your Windows 8/8.1 touch screen keyboard clicks sound, either you have a tablet or a hybrid device. So, here you find a way out to turn off keyboard click sound on touch screen [...]

Restore Default Start Screen Tiles Windows 8.x

If you made a mess with your start screen tiles on Windows 8.x and want to cleanup start screen and restore to default layout and tiles. Here you will see how to reset tiles to default. Resetting tiles will remove all extra tiles from Start Screen except default ones. See also: Add Shutdown button on Start [...]

Create HomeGroup on Windows 8 / 8.1 and Set HomeGroup Sharing Settings

HomeGroup is really useful option by Microsoft available in Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows RT, or Windows 7 that you can use at your home PCs network for password protected sharing. Create HomeGroup on Windows 8 or join if already exist and you can share Files and devices between PCs, devices such as Printers and [...]

How to Share Internet Connection Windows 8 PC

Enable ad hoc network on Windows 8 PC and convert PC into WiFi router. If you want to Share Internet Connection Windows 8 PC with other wireless devices then follow this guide to enable ad-hoc network on Windows 8. In Windows 7 you can create ad hoc connection easily but in Windows 8 this option hidden [...]

How to Share Printer on Windows 8 / 8.1

If you want to share printer that is connected to a Windows 8 / 8.1 PC available in another room at your home or office. We already posted a guide to Share Printer on Widows 7 HomeGroup PCs or you can continue reading if you are Windows 8 user. First we need to turn on Find [...]

How to Create a Shortcut to Any Control Panel Item in Windows 8 / 8.1

There are few Windows 8 Control Panel settings that you may frequently access. To access any settings you need to go to the control panel and open it after few clicks except those which available under context menu of start button. I found a way to create shortcut icon for any Control Panel item right [...]

How to Customize Lock Screen Windows 8 / 8.1

When we start Windows 8 / 8.1 PC it shows the lock screen with a background image and some basic information about current date and time, battery level and different app icons. There are few common Windows 8 lock screen apps that can be used on lock screen to get notifications email messages, social updates, [...]

Transfer Pictures from iPhone to PC Windows 8 / 8.1

You can transfer your pictures and videos from iPhone to PC running Windows 8 or 8.1 without help of any third party software. We already posted a guide for transferring pictures from iPhone to windows 7, now in this guide you will see how to import pictures and videos from your iPhone to Windows 8. [...]

How to Transfer Skype Chat History from One Computer to Another

Chat history of Skype is really important for some people. Usually backup is required when you either going to switch to another computer or going to perform a clean Windows install. So if you need to transfer Skype chat history you have to copy main.db file from Skype's app data folder to another computer. Snapshot [...]