Multiple Ways to Capture Screenshots in Windows

Sometimes you need to capture a screenshot and send it to someone, so screenshots are helpful when you are in the middle of any problem and need support by showing what's happening on your screen. You can save on-screen information with one button click and save as image files like png or jpg. In this [...]

How to Play Windows XP Classic Solitaire in Windows 10

Microsoft introduced Solitaire first time for Windows 3.0 in 1990 and comes built-in with windows till Windows 7 in 2009. Playing Solitaire  was a great way to waste or kill time but Microsoft retired Classic Solitaires in Windows 8 and also not available in Windows 10, opting for universal app ‘Microsoft Solitaire collection’. This app [...]


Fix Microsoft Edge Isn’t Working See How to Clear Browser Data

Microsoft Edge web browser introduced in Windows 10 and its still footing in the market. When Microsoft Edge isn't working and crashing then you may want to reset settings to default. Loading browser's default settings will fix some issue and glitches that may effects to your browsing. If you are facing any unknown issue with [...]

How to Use Cortana Built-In Dictionary Windows 10

Do you want to know meaning of any words frequently? Just like to find a meaning or definition of a specific word, we just Google it to find out, If you are Windows 10 user then Cortana is a very powerful, she can show some result with meanings of specific word, best matched stuff from [...]

How to Enable Old Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 included a new default Photo viewer app Photos but old Windows Photo Viewer is still included but it’s hidden and not set as default photo viewer in Windows 10. Those who upgraded Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 have already activated Windows photo viewer but those who Installed fresh copy of [...]

What is Windows 10 Developer Mode and How to turn it on?

Windows 10 introduced a new way (Developer Mode) for development in windows 10. Now you don’t have to require a developer license to develop, test or install your apps. You just need to enable the developers mode in windows 10 and you are all set to go.  This configuration option allows developer to test their [...]

How to Customize Send to Menu in Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista

Do you want to customize send to context menu in Windows 10 or older versions? If you don't know what a 'Send to' menu is then you can find this every time whenever you right-click on any file, folder, document or media files and then select Send to from context menu that contain different options [...]


How to Disable or Turn off Windows 10 Notification Sound

In Windows 10 a new style of notifications which is called ‘Toast Notification’. The notification tile slides out form lower-right corner with sound alert and message text but sometimes notification sound and message alert might disturbing when working in office, watching movie or playing games. If you like windows 10 Toast Notification but not the [...]

How to Make Windows 10 Slide to Shut Down Like Windows Phone

If you use any Windows device then you know you can hold the power button for few seconds to slide to power off, this can also accomplished by creating shortcut on Windows 10 Desktop PC or Laptop. It’s just the matter of finding the right file which is hidden in system32 folder. If you want [...]

How to Show Custom Login Screen Message on Windows 10

If you share your computer at office or home with co-worker, friends or family members then you must face a situation where you want to show custom message on computer's login screen due to any reason like telling other users about project folder or leave message like this computer is monitored by me or boss [...]

How to Create Local User Account in Windows 10 Without Microsoft Account

Do you want to create local account on Windows 10 without using Microsoft email account? If you upgrade or clean install Window 10 then Windows will ask you to use Microsoft account as login. Microsoft actually wants you to do this so they can easily hook you up with their online services like files in [...]

How to Install Windows 10 Store Apps on USB or External Drive

Windows 10 comes with tons of new features and improvements. Installing app store apps on another drive, changing location and storing documents, pictures, music and videos are one of those improvements or new features, install app or moved already install apps to an external hard drive or USB drive. However things have changed now as [...]

How to Create and Restore Windows 10 System Image Backup

Using system image backup option in Windows 10 you can easily create complete system image backup. Windows backup tool using system recover image file is of them. It’s not new feature because it was available in previous version of Windows except Windows 8. There are a lot of feature related to backup and restore Windows [...]

How to Maximize Battery Life Windows 10

The biggest demand of today’s digital world is to keep every device as portable as possible. With these digital devices being portable comes the need of maximum battery life so you do not need to rush to find a power socket. If you are looking forward to install Microsoft new operating system Windows 10, you [...]

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts you Must Know

Learning keyboard shortcut keys is always a fun task and you can leave good impression on others. Especially if you are planning to be Windows 10 user on a professional level, knowing these shortcut keys will definitely save your time. This article is an ultimate guide to Windows 10 keyboard shortcut keys which you can [...]

How to Fix Brightness Control Issue on Windows 10

After upgrading Windows 8.1 to latest Windows 10, I faced some issues including display driver, black screen on Windows 10 startup, and now after installing Windows 10 updates my laptop display brightness controls are not working. There are two keys on my laptop F2 and F3 dedicated to increase or decrease the brightness both are [...]

How to Run Windows from a USB Drive [Windows 10, 8, 8.1 or 7]

For all those Windows lover who wants to take their operating system wherever they want, portable Windows is a blessing. Now you can take copy of your Windows with you in a portable flash drive. Windows 10 and 8 offers this facility which is technically known as “windows to go”. You can install Windows on [...]

How to Change Login Screen Background on Windows 10

Windows 10 is here and all of you must be enjoying it at its fullest. Here we are going to discuss how to change the login screen background on Windows 10. Windows 10 has a lock screen and a login screen. As far as lock screen is concerned, you can easily change the background of [...]

How to Customize Windows 10 Lock Screen

If you have been using Windows 7 or any older operating system, Windows 10 will definitely bring lot more new features for you. Lock screen of Windows 10 has interesting options which can be used to make it more useful. Lock screens are no more static screens with only user’s avatar and boring mono color [...]

Fix Windows 10 Black Screen Issue Occurs Before or After Login

I have upgraded my computer's operating system from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 successfully without any problem until first reboot. Once i logged into Windows 10 and its start downloading and installing drivers updates and some other Windows 10 updates automatically. I tried to stop the updates but found that there is not option to [...]

How to Disable Windows 10 Automatic Updates

In Windows 10 there is no direct option to disable or turn off updates for Windows 10. In previous version Windows 8.1, you can control updates download settings from Windows updates settings in Control Panel. By hiding this update settings Microsoft making sure everyone gets latest updates related to security patches and new Windows features. [...]

How to Install Windows 10 on Mac (Dual Boot)

Mac users can also install the Windows 10 on the same machine MacBook, Mac mini, Mac Pro or iMac that running macOS. With the help of built-in macOS app Boot Camp Assistant, you can install and run dual boot Windows 10 and macOS. In this guide, you will see How to install and run Windows [...]

How to Download Windows 10 Final ISO File Official

You can download Windows 10 upgrade by reserving your copy and then install it directly from Windows Updates. But if you want to clean install Windows 10 on your PC then you have to create a bootable USB or DVD from Windows 10 ISO file. To download Windows 10 from official source process is very [...]

How to Install Windows 10 Final Through Windows Update

Windows 10 update is available to download and install on your PCs. Windows 10 update is free to download for only eligible users. Continue reading if you want to know you are eligible to download and install free Windows 10 on your currently installed Windows 7 or 8 PC. Windows 10 Free Update Requirements Making [...]

How to Get Latest Windows 10 Preview Builds

Microsoft offers to their customers to install and test latest Windows 10 technical preview and ask to give feedback. Windows 10 provides new features to early look. If you are Windows lover and search for new things, then you should test this new Microsoft operating system. There are already Microsoft released updates for Windows 10 [...]