Order New MacBook Pro 13 or 15 Inch

You will love the new Apple's MacBook Pro, it's better than any notebook launched by Apple in history. After having the first look you must want to buy it. MacBook pro 13 or 15-inch display in two different colors Silver and Space Gray available to buy right now online. Choose your MacBook Pro and order [...]

How to Install iOS 10.1 on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

iOS 10.1 is available to download and install on your iPhone iPad or iPod Touch. Below is step by step guide if you want to run iOS 10.1 on your compatible device. Its recommended, before reading next you must check, is your device capable to run iOS 10?. There are lots of bug and error [...]


Download iOS 10.1 for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Apple released iOS 10.1 with some bug fixes and enhancements and you can see complete release notes at the bottom, this update is iOS 10.1 release not a beta update so you can update on you iPhone or iPad without worries. There are very minor chances of any bug or errors because this update is [...]

iPhone 7 and Plus Specs, Price, Preorder and Availability

As Apple unveiled the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the San Francisco Event and Apple's devices lovers already waiting for th first look and wants to know about the new iPhone 7 design features and specs, pricing, preorder and availability. Both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models coming not only in silver, gold, [...]

How to Make Bootable USB macOS Sierra 10.12 Beta

You might be interested to install macOS Sierra on your Mac to enjoy some new features introduced in macOS Sierra 10.12. In this guide you will learn to create a bootable USB drive or any portable USB drive to install macOS. This bootable drive will help you to fresh or clean install macOS or dual [...]

macOS Seirra 10.12 Compatible Mac List

Apple released new version of Mac OS at WWDC 2016 event which was held in San Francisco on 13th June and its new OS name is macOS Sierra. Final version will be rolled out this fall. Many Mac owners are waiting for this macOS Sierra release to check macOS new features but not all of [...]


macOS Seirra 10.12 New Features

Apple announced MAC OS at its annual Developer Conference in San Francisco. This version of OS comes with some new major and some not major features and most important thing is it’s released with brand new name macOS instead OS X. The expected name on this Apple OS was OS X 10.12 but now Apple [...]

Is Your Device Compatible with iOS 10 ? [iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch]

Apple announced its new version of mobile operating system iOS 10. You might want to check iOS 10 compatibility with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Because iOS 10 comes with huge list of features that you must be interested in and want to install on your device. Apple always try to make sure that [...]

Apple iOS 10 New Features

Apple released iOS 10 to developers only right now with bunch of amazing new features. Apple finally gives more than what we except from this new iOS. This update of iOS 10 is currently available only for developers for testing and just for selected Apple devices. This iOS 10 has some great and amazing new [...]

Apple Released iOS 10 Beta Big. Bold. Beautiful.

iOS 10 Beta biggest released available to download and install for developers. If you are a developer or have access to registered Apple developer account then you can install iOS 10 right now. If you want to test this iOS 10 release prior final public release then instead joining developer program you can signup for [...]

Apple Released macOS Sierra 10.12 Beta

A developer preview or macOS 10.12 build number 16A201w released by Apple. Apple called Sierra to macOS 10.12 version an its available to download and install for developers. Apple changed the name of operating system from Mac OS X to just macOS so this will be looks similar to iOS, watchOS and tvOS. Those who [...]

How to Backup and Email WhatsApp Chat / Conversation

This guide is for those who want to backup specific WhatsApp conversation and chat. This app is widely used for mobile messaging and voice calling on almost all mobile platform. Major reasons of this product popularity are availability on every mobile platform and even you can use this on MAC and PC using web or [...]

How to Create Shortcut to Almost any Windows Settings

Normally to modify Windows settings for any program or hardware components we need to go through few steps to access specific settings. There might be few settings that you frequently change like Location Privacy, Webcam Privacy or Display Settings, and going through these steps to modify it. To make this simple we can create shortcut [...]

How to Directly Download APK from Google Play

You might want to download APK from Google Play directly, Due to download restrictions or any other reason. People using Android device around the world and Google Play tore have millions of apps to download. Downloading Android apps as APK file is simple and easy now. Google doesn’t allow to download their app files directly [...]

Android: Set Reminders Very Quickly When You’re On The Go

In the busy scheduled you might fighting with great deal of responsibilities, some of us keep remember things in their heads and some of us creates to-do list of their tasks. There is no lack of applications in internet market but the things is finding the right and best tool to track your to-dos is [...]

How to Enable Num Lock on Computer Startup Windows 10

Do you have problem num lock not turned on when booting computer or you turn the num lock on and num lock gets disabled when you reboot computer. Most people uses numeric code for their computer password instead using long alphabet characters. Windows 10 allows users to quickly sign-in with a numeric PIN instead of [...]

Multiple Ways to Capture Screenshots in Windows

Sometimes you need to capture screenshot and send it to someone, so screenshots are helpful when you are in middle of any problem and need support by showing what's happening on your screen. You can save on-screen information with one button click and save as image file like png or jpg. In this guide you [...]

How to Play Windows XP Classic Solitaire in Windows 10

Microsoft introduced Solitaire first time for Windows 3.0 in 1990 and comes built-in with windows till Windows 7 in 2009. Playing Solitaire  was a great way to waste or kill time but Microsoft retired Classic Solitaires in Windows 8 and also not available in Windows 10, opting for universal app ‘Microsoft Solitaire collection’. This app [...]

How to Find Best Non-Gaming Apps from Google Play Store

It is very hard to find non gaming trending top chart apps from Google Play Store that might find very useful on your Android device when you are not interested in gaming apps. You can view apps in top charts page along with games and you can't filter it to view only non-gaming apps, To [...]

Fix Microsoft Edge Isn’t Working See How to Clear Browser Data

Microsoft Edge web browser introduced in Windows 10 and its still footing in the market. When Microsoft Edge isn't working and crashing then you may want to reset settings to default. Loading browser's default settings will fix some issue and glitches that may effects to your browsing. If you are facing any unknown issue with [...]

How to Save and Tag Images from Google Image Search

Google's image save and tag feature that allow user to save their favorite images from Google search tag them and sort into collections for later. When you preview any image from Google search, a save button shows along with the other buttons. Saved images can be access through this URL www.google.com/save or through View Saved [...]

How to Use Cortana Built-In Dictionary Windows 10

Do you want to know meaning of any words frequently? Just like to find a meaning or definition of a specific word, we just Google it to find out, If you are Windows 10 user then Cortana is a very powerful, she can show some result with meanings of specific word, best matched stuff from [...]